About Us

Our goal with Prairie's End is to simply share our space with you. We have a little slice of heaven here - and we love company. 

The natural prairie landscape, in our opinion, is gorgeous. We have an untouched portion of tall grasses on our property along with oak trees and other local habitat. We've preserved this area and hope you'll come walk our trails, watch the hawks, or just sit in the shade.

We've also cultivated a portion of our property in fruits and vegetables for our own use and for sale. We're certified organic and use permaculture practices which integrate the natural landscape and habitat, and promote biodiversity. We're always trying something new from vermiculture to live fencing. We live on the property in small-footprint (tiny) housing and utilize sustainable practices as much as we can. We're always happy to share what's worked and what hasn't.

Finally, because we really wanted a place where people could gather, we built an event space. We use this building to teach classes on permaculture, canning, jelly making, gardening, you name it. We also have fun gatherings from time to time such as full moon walks and seasonal parties. Or you can rent our place for your own community events, family retreats, birthday parties, etc. We have a certified kitchen and all the amenities. Just give us a call to discuss. 

Overall, the best way to describe Prairie's End is as a "place to be." When we moved here from the city, we had no idea what an impact this place would have on our ability to just be. And we invite you to be here too. Whether you're looking to be quiet and alone or you're looking to be active and connected, come on out.

Tchinina, Rose, Kelly and The Gang